Western Digital launches two types of SanDisk Ixpand wireless chargers

Western Digital (www.westerndigital.com/en-kr) launched the new products’SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync’ and’SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger 15W’ Will be released in Korea. Western Digital plans to provide fast and stable charging performance to devices that support the wireless charging standard’Qi’ interface through two products, expand the product line to the wireless charging category, and meet the various mobile solution needs of domestic consumers. to be.

‘SanDisk iExpand Wireless Charger Sync’ is a product that reinterprets the role of the existing charger by combining wireless charging and backup functions, and consumers can safely use their smartphones that are fully charged and backed up every morning. Since it is a product that greatly simplifies the backup process to solve the hassle of manual backup, users can complete the backup operation without being aware of it at all. By providing up to 256GB of local storage capacity, it supports fast wireless charging and automatic backup of photos and videos at the same time, freeing you from storage space limitations in the device. It’s great as a gift for family, friends, and lovers, or as an accessory to have after buying a new smartphone.

‘Sandisk iExpand wireless charger 15W’ is an efficient and stable wireless charging solution for consumers who value practicality. It provides fast charging of up to 15W of power to smartphones or mobile devices that are compatible with the Qi standard.

Sairam Challa, Product Marketing Manager at SanDisk, Western Digital, said, “Many consumers today rely on fully charged and backed-up mobile devices to keep them connected and constantly in touch with new information and fun in a mobile-centric lifestyle. “SanDisk is a brand that has been recognized for a long time as a reliable solution, and we are pleased to expand our portfolio by launching the world’s first wireless charger with automatic local backup function, and to support a more convenient life for consumers.” said.

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