As expected after Apple’s presentation on Tuesday, February 20th, the Cupertino company is putting aside the Apple TV released in 2017. That Apple TV model has been completely discontinued from the product list, and the Apple TV HD model adopts the new Siri Remote.

This was obvious because Apple would not leave the Apple TV 4K model for sale after announcing a new model with that enhancement. Yes, HD models can be kept as entry products.

However, looking at the price, I found that even with the addition of the Siri remote, it was almost always better to take the newly released model than the Nova HD model. which In the 32GB model, the price difference between the two models is not very large.. It’s a bit bigger if you prefer the 64GB model.

price Apple TV HD is €159. With the 32GB storage option, there are no more options for this device. New model The Apple TV 4K costs € 32 for the 199 GB model and € 64 for the 229 GB model. Save.

On the other hand Personally I have already said many times that buying an Apple TV today is at least irresponsible, and that there are similar products on the market that perform the same functions as these Apple TVs. Obviously we can’t have AirPlay, but there are other options, such as using the Apple TV as a HomeKit accessory center at home or in the office. The previous model released in 2017 was discontinued, and the HD model added a Siri remote control.