White magic keyboard

The announcement of the new iPad Pro family gave Cupertino’s employees the opportunity to expand the keyboard color range of this device. Magic Keyboard. Expensive accessories that still hit the market with black Available in white for the same price.

The color is the only change this keyboard has received since it hit the market early last year, so if the black wasn’t working properly and Apple was waiting for encouragement Add a typical white color to your keyboard, If that price doesn’t turn you back, now is the time.

The white Magic Keyboard has the same price., For the 339-inch iPad Pro (a keyboard that is also compatible with the 11th-generation iPad Air) it costs 4 euros, and for the 399-inch iPad Pro it costs 12,9 euros. The keyboard layout is in 29 languages, including Spanish.

What does Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro offer?

  • Backlit keyboard with 1mm travel scissor mechanism.
  • Designed for Multi-Touch gestures via touch pad
  • Screen viewing angle adjustment.
  • The USB-C port for charging iPad Pro and iPad Air allows you to use the device’s port for other accessories.
  • When folded, it becomes a case that protects your iPad Pro and iPad Air from both sides.

This keyboard 12,9-inch iPad Pro 3rd, 4th and 5th generationTogether with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation 11-inch iPad Pro and 4th generation iPad Air.