Volkswagen ID.4 made much better than expected,’Tesla’s heyday is over.’

Volkswagen ID.4 is preparing for a blast in the electric car market.

[M 오토데일리 이상원기자] As the Volkswagen electric car ID.4 is evaluated to be far more competitive than expected, there is a prospect that it will surpass Tesla.

Volkswagen will start shipping its flagship electric car model, the ID.4, from Germany on the 26th. Already by the end of February, ID.4 had more than 23,500 reservations in Europe alone.

The ID.4 is the second model in the’ID’ series, Volkswagen’s next-generation electric car, and is scheduled to land in Korea next year.

The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first full-fledged electric SUV, developed for use in the compact SUV segment. ID.4’s ID.Light is a thin light strip placed on the front window and is a device to intuitively support the driver. Composed of 54 multi-colored LEDs, it communicates with passengers in a way that emits various lights.

For example, ID.Light can notify incoming calls or inform the remaining battery level, has a function that shines according to the route guidance of the navigation system, and also works with the voice control function.

The voice control function also responds to everyday conversation, and ID.Light emits light according to artificial voice when answering questions from passengers.

ID.4’s’IQ.Light’ is an LED matrix headlight, and the lighting module consists of 11 individual LEDs, which can be individually dimmed or turned off.

In particular, when the driver approaches a parked vehicle, it is intelligently controlled and emits a continuous main beam, such as a blinking headlight on its own, protecting the view of other road users.

In addition, the optional ‘3D LED taillight cluster’ is turned on in an X shape, and 9 fiber optic cables emit a deep red light. The turn indicators have built-in sequential turn indicators, so they shine from the inside to the outside.

The ID.4 is based on the architecture of’MEB’, a modular chassis for electric vehicles of Volkswagen Group, and its length is 4,580mm, ensuring sufficient space for occupants.

The trunk capacity is 543 liters, and when the rear seat is folded, it expands to a maximum of 1,575 liters. In addition, electric tailgates, roof rails, and towing brackets for camping cars are also installed.

The interior has a 12-inch touch screen display, and the AR (Augmented Reality) head-up display, which is applied as an option, projects the navigation arrow on the road surface, making it easier for the driver to know the direction of progress.

In’IQ.Drive’, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS),’Travel Assist’, which enables partial autonomous driving, can be used. ID.4’s software and hardware are designed as part of the new architecture, allowing customers to continue to receive updates after purchasing a new car.

With 210mm high ground clearance, it shows excellent driving ability even off-road.

ID.4 is equipped with a 77kWh-class battery and has a maximum range of 520km on a single charge, and the motor mounted on the rear axle has a maximum output of 204 horsepower and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 8.5 seconds.

The battery is placed under the bottom of the body to reduce the center of gravity, and it exhibits excellent performance even off-road with a strong grip by rear-wheel drive and a minimum ground height of 210mm.

In addition, it is equipped with 21-inch aluminum wheels, and it can charge the battery capacity required for a 320km run in about 30 minutes with DC rapid charging.

The US market price of the ID.4 base model is 39,995 dollars (49.19 million won), and if imported into Korea, it may be sold at a lower price than the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Tesla Model Y.

Volkswagen plans to sell more than 2 million ID.4 units worldwide over its lifecycle.

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