Squid melted without shape when blanched in boiling water… Another fake food controversy in China

SNS video topic… Netizens suspicion of’fake squid made of glue’

Expert “Repeated phenomenon of freezing and thawing”… Under investigation by authorities

/ Online community capture.

In China, when squid is put in boiling water, a video that quickly dissolves and disappears, causing controversy over the sale of fake foods again.

According to local media such as Kankan Shinwon, on the 25th (local time) of last month, a woman in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, put a squid purchased at the market in water and boiled it, and after a few minutes, a video of the squid disappearing was posted on the Social Network Service (SNS). When some netizens raised suspicion of manipulation over the authenticity of the video, the woman simmered the squid in the same water the next day. This time, he countered the’fake claim’ by revealing the whole process of blanching squid by measuring the time with a mobile phone stopwatch.

About 5 minutes and 30 seconds after the woman boiled the two squids in water, the squid began to melt, and after 8 minutes, the shape completely disappeared and turned into porridge. Afterwards, the woman said, “I am worried about whether I can sell these things in the market.”

Most netizens claim that it is a’fake squid made of glue’. China has produced and distributed fake food materials dozens of times, including plastic rice, rubber eggs, paper radish, melamine milk powder, and bubble tea made from waste tires.

Regarding the’fake squid’ controversy, experts argued that it is not a squid made with adhesive, saying, “It is technically difficult and expensive to make squid with adhesive.” “It may be that the cells are destroyed due to repeated defrosting and freezing, and moisture in the cells may have leaked out,” said Zhoui, an associate professor of the Department of Food Science and Technology at the Agricultural University of China.

The Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau, which manages and supervises the market where the squid was sold, is known to be investigating and obtaining a sample of squid on the 27th of last month. An official from the management bureau said, “The store that sold the squid is currently closed, and we will summon and investigate if a problem is found.”

/ Reporter Park Ye-na [email protected]

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