Kim Chang-yeol, the late Lee Hyun-bae, met Lee Haneul in search of vacancy

[이데일리 장구슬 기자] It is reported that DJ DOC Kim Chang-yeol met Lee Haneul in search of late Lee Hyun-bae’s vacancy.

DJ DOC (Photo = E-Daily DB)

According to the Daily Sports report on the 20th, Kim Chang-yeol condolenced Lee Hyun-bae’s vacancy in special room 2 at the funeral hall of Shinchon Severance Hospital in Seoul at 5 pm on the same day.

Kim Chang-yeol was in a state where he covered half of his face with a mask, but his sorrowful expression was powerful. After Lee Hyun-bae’s death, Lee Ha-neul’s revelation caused Kim Chang-yeol, who was surrounded by a series of controversy, but at the scene, the conflict ended in sadness.

According to the media, Lee Haul-eul called Kim Chang-yeol separately and had a calm conversation, saying, “Because it is a seat to condolence Hyun-bae (younger brother), let’s talk about it next time.”

On this day, 45RPM member Park Jae-jin and Leessang singer Gil, Haha, a boatman, Blanc, Bobby, and P.

Lee Hyun-bae was found dead at his home in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 17th, and was shocked. Initially, the cause of death was known as a heart attack, and the autopsy on the 19th gave a “heart abnormal finding”.

After the death of his younger brother, Lee Haneul revealed that “Lee Hyun-bae died because of Kim Chang-yeol,” and expressed his anger against Kim Chang-yeol.

After the news of Lee Hyun-bae’s death was announced, Lee Ha-neul expressed anger with swear words to Kim Chang-yeol, who posted a memorial on the 18th.

On the 19th, through a live broadcast on Instagram, Kim Chang-yeol claimed that Lee Hyun-bae suffered a living life without investing promised in the Jeju pension business that DJ DOC was promoting, and that Lee Hyun-bae had a traffic accident while delivering a motorcycle for a living .

Regarding this, Kim Chang-yeol said, “It is true that there was a situation that was not good, but the sadness of leaving the deceased is not going away, and it is a situation that is careful to bring out the work a long time ago.”

While the conflict between the two has not yet been sealed, attention is drawn to how the controversy will end.