Hyundai Motors accounts for 70% of global hydrogen car sales in 2020

Hyundai Motors' passenger hydrogen electric vehicle Nexo.  Source = Hyundai Motor Company
Hyundai Motors’ passenger hydrogen electric vehicle Nexo. Source = Hyundai Motor Company

[이코노믹리뷰=최동훈 기자] It was found that out of 10 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sold worldwide last year, 7 were Hyundai Motor Vehicles.

According to SNE Research, a global market research organization, Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales volume of 6,500 units last year increased 35.3% from the previous year (4,800 units).

It was followed by 1,600 Toyota (-33.2%), 200 Honda (-33.8%), 200 Geography (new), and Wulong 100 (133.3%).

Hyundai Motor Company raised its market share to 69.0% thanks to the sales of 6,000 units of its flagship model, the passenger hydrogen-electric SUV Nexo, up 33.6% from the previous year. The market share increased by 23.7%p compared to the previous year (45.3%). In addition to the Nexo last year, Hyundai Motor Company made achievements by exporting commercial vehicle models such as Exient hydrogen electric trucks to Europe.

On the other hand, two rivals, such as Toyota and Honda, respectively, recorded sluggish performance due to the deterioration of passenger hydrogen electric vehicle models such as the 1st generation Mirai and Clarity, respectively.

Last year, the number of registered hydrogen fuel cell vehicles worldwide was 9,500 units, down 11.3% from the previous year (1,700 units). Hyundai Motor’s Japanese rivals were sluggish, and it was affected by the reduction of the subsidy support for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China, a major market.

SNE Research said, “Hyundai Motor has firmly established its leadership position in the global hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market last year.” ”Analyzed.

In addition, he predicted that this year, the size of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market will rebound from the previous year, surpassing 10,000 units a year and reaching a record high.