‘Happy Suspicion’ Su-Jin, (Female) Idle’s new music book excluded… “Re-recording the sound source”


[스포츠서울 이용수기자] Sujin, a member of the girl group (Female) Idle, who temporarily suspended activities due to suspicion of school violence, is excluded from the new song.

According to the global K-POP entertainment platform Universe Music on the 19th, the new sound source’Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)’, which was scheduled to be released at the end of April by (G)I, finished recording all recordings, music videos, and various additional content in February . However, as the controversy over Sujin’s school violence was raised in March, the (girls) children were reorganized into a five-member system and partially corrected accordingly.

Universe Music said, “(G)Idle’s agency, Cube Entertainment, discussed the already-worked sound sources and music videos. Considering the contractual relationship with distribution companies and various partners, and tangible and intangible losses, all contents were renewed. It was judged that it was difficult to produce, so we adjusted the existing composition as follows. “The new song sound source was re-recorded after redistributing the parts by modifying the composition and lyrics of the new song. It will be released as a system. In addition, additional content such as pictorials and making will also be included in a maximum of 5 members.

In the end, he concluded, “In the case of a music video in which enormous costs and production manpower from several partners were invested, we intend to re-edit and disclose the music video in the direction of minimizing the amount of Sujin appearances.”

Earlier, online claims were raised that Sujin was a school abuser. Regarding this, the agency clarified each item and insisted on’no work’. Sujin also demanded a clear position from actor Seo Shin-ae, who was mentioned in the process. However, when Seo Shin-ae reveals Sujin’s memories of her past school violence, Sujin has not expressed a special position for three weeks.
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Photo | Cube Entertainment