Food and Drug Administration, Binex additional sanctions… Stop selling 32 types of consignment production items

Input 2021.03.09 15:26 | Revision 2021.03.09 15:35

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The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is a pharmaceutical manufacturer Binex (053030)The company announced on the 9th that it will stop manufacturing and selling 32 drugs of 24 other pharmaceutical companies that are consigned to production and recover all products on the market. This is an additional sanction following the same action on six Binex products the day before.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety explained that it will implement these measures, saying it was confirmed that some drugs were manufactured differently from the licensed contents at the Binex Busan production facility. The six products discontinued on sale the previous day were Amorin Tablet, Selectin Capsule, Daxpen Tablet, Ropeshin Tablet, Selectin Capsule, and Cadillac Tablet. The 32 items added on this day reported that the proportion of production performance was not high.

An official from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “We plan to quickly complete the field investigation and necessary measures for Binex.”

Binex said, “If the KFDA’s announcement is true, we will have to discuss it with the companies.”

Binex recently formed a consortium with eight other companies and organizations in Korea to consignment production of’Sputnik V’, a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine in Russia. An official at Binex said, “The Russian vaccine production facility is located in Songdo, Incheon, and this has nothing to do with this measure.”