Even if you do it a few times, an interesting’Biohazard’ comes out.

On this day (16th), Capcom released new information on the latest horror adventure’Biohazard Village’, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series in March, through its YouTube channel. In this’Bio Evil Showcase’, detailed information on the new game mode’The Mercerize’ was released along with the distribution of the second demo version of’Bio Evil Village’. Information on the VR version was also released.

Before the full-scale event, Producer Jun Takeuchi said, “This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil. Looking back at the 25 years supported by fans, I didn’t expect it to be such a long series when I was planning with Shinji Mikami. Thank you for your support and we will continue the series together.” Subsequently, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda released information on the newly released second demo version.

The Resident Evil Village was created with the concept of’a beautiful and terrifying village’, and it contains the elements of the battle, material management, and horror that players expect. In addition, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda added, “We have prepared a variety of gameplay contents so that you will not get tired of playing several times.”

The second demo to be released this time is PS5, PS4, XBO, XSX | Available in S, STEAM, and Google Stadia. This demo will only be distributed for 24 hours, and Asia will be available 24 hours from 8 am on May 2nd to 8 am the next day. In the demo, you can play the’Village’ and’Castle’ stages, with a total play time limit of 60 minutes. You can play both stages within this 60-minute period, or you can play only one stage.

In addition, early access called ‘8 Hours in Village’ will be prepared on the PS5 and PS4 platforms. This Early Access, which commemorates Resident Evil Village’s eighth installment in the series, allows you to play the game for 30 minutes within 8 hours of playable. It means that you can access the village stage and the castle stage faster using the PlayStation. This second demo is available for download in advance, and for PS5/PS4, the demo is available for download starting today (16th).

▲ New elements have been added to’The Mercenary (Mercenary Mode)’.

Subsequently, Director Moramasa Sato introduced the features of another game mode, “The Mercenary Mode”. The Mercenary is a mini-game loved by the Resident Evil series, and it is an extra game mode specialized in action shooting that is unlocked after clearing the main game. In this Resident Evil Village, new elements have been added to’The Mercenary’.

The first is the addition of a store. Players can visit’Duke’s Target Point’ at each stage, and use currency to purchase weapons or enhance weapons. Of course, the speedy game progression that is unique to The Mercerize continues as it is. In addition, a customization function has been added, allowing players to use new weapons or change the type of reinforcement for each stage, allowing them to use various strategies.

Another new element is the addition of the concept of’ability’. Through these abilities, the player can enhance the ability of the pistol, increase the movement speed, and enhance the defense power, etc., to further enhance the ability. Abilities can be acquired by playing the stage, and through this, more efficient attack has become possible.

On March 22, the Resident Evil Series celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series. For 25 years, the Resident Evil series has expanded beyond video games to movies, toys, and board games. To commemorate this, Capcom will provide’Biohazard RE’VERSE’ for free to users who have purchased’Biohazard Village’. Subsequently, congratulatory messages to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil arrived from industry figures, followed by the latest news of the animation “Biohazard: Infinite Darkness,” being produced by producer Hiroyuki Kobaishi to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, produced by CG animation, depicts the story two years after the story of’Bio Evil 4′, and contains the story from 2006. Zombies attack the White House, and Ashley’s father, who appeared in Resident Evil 4, appears as president in this work. Information on other characters that appear will be released later, and’Biohazard: Infinite Darkness’ will be released through Netflix in July 2021.

Producer Hiroyuki Kobaishi said, “The live-action film’Biohazard Reboot’ has finished filming in Toronto, Canada, CG work such as Creature is in progress, and additional information such as the release date will be released, so please wait.” Also shared.

Finally, information on the collaboration between Resident Evil and’Dead by Daylight’ was also released. Dead by Daylight plans to add a collaboration element related to Resident Evil in June this year, and information about this will be released on May 25 (EDT), a 5th anniversary broadcast. In addition, Capcom has decided to create a VR version of Resident Evil 4 with’Oculus Quest 2′, and details of this will be released at the Oculus Gaming Showcase on April 21 (PST).