“China’s most beautiful interpreter” praised Zhang Jing… ‘Weibo 322 million kwang-cle’

The interpreter serving the Chinese side is a hot topic at the high-level diplomatic talks between the United States and China held in Alaska on the 18th and 19th (local time) for two days. Zhang Jing (張經) is a senior interpreter at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On the 21st (local time), China’s Sina News reported that Zhang Jing’s senior interpreter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, with a beauty and skills comparable to the famous Chinese actor Zhao Wei, delivered all 15 minutes of Yang Jietsu’s diplomatic affairs officer calmly.

Sina News also said that Yang Zetsu responded calmly and well to the fact that Yang Zetsu continued to speak for 24 minutes as he began refuting the US remarks.

According to Sina News, as Yang Zetsu’s remarks got longer, Zhang Jing said in the middle, “I’ll translate it first,” and he laughed and said, “You translate? This is a test for an interpreter.” Then both sides laughed, “Hahaha,” and the sharp atmosphere of both countries subsided for a moment.

Chinese media praised him as “the most beautiful interpreter in China” after the meeting.

On Weibo, a Chinese version of the Twitter, keywords such as’Wing Jing’ and’US-China talks interpreter’ were viewed 320 million times over two days.

Born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, after graduating from Hangzhou Foreign Language School in 2003, he majored in English at the Chinese University of Foreign Affairs. After graduating in 2007, he was officially employed as an interpreter in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, the US and China held high-level talks in Alaska, USA for two days starting on the 18th (local time).

This meeting was held in a situation where the biden’s administration also declared a strong line of strength, following the deterioration of relations between the two countries to the extent that the former administration of Donald Trump has called it the’New Cold War’.

In particular, the United States is taking preliminary steps to restore alliances and gather partners to implement public siege strategies, such as the Quad Summit on the 12th and the visits of the Secretary of State and Defense to Korea and Japan on the 15th and 18th. Etc. stimulated China.

Reflecting this, the two sides clashed fiercely from the beginning of the meeting. At the meeting, Minister Blincoln criticized China’s actions as a threat to a rule-based world order in all comments. Another country said it was hearing deep concerns about some of China’s actions. Aide Sullivan also added, “We do not pursue conflict and welcome fierce competition,” and “but we will uphold the principles for our people and friends.”

In response, Yang Jietz counterattacked, saying that the United States is agitating other countries to attack China and is firmly opposed to US intervention in internal affairs. As if they were determined, they counterattacked with the intention of improving human rights in the United States. Director Wang Yi criticized the recent announcement of new sanctions, as if he had sanctions related to Hong Kong in mind, as not a way to welcome guests.

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