Capcom and Facebook face-to-face to unveil’Bio Evil 4 VR’

Horror game brand’Biohazard’ lands on Oculus Rift 2. ‘Biohazard’ is a brand that has global recognition across movies and games. Previously, the brand had achieved worldwide success with the game demo’Kitchen’ for PlayStation VR in 2016. ‘Bio Evil 7’, which was then released, is evaluated as driving the sales of PlayStation VR. Thanks to this, Sony Interactive Entertainment became the No. 1 public contributor that led the early VR market. This time, we will join hands with Facebook to target a new market. Again, attention is focused on whether it can become the No. 1 credit that will drive Oculus Quest 2 sales.

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Capcom and Facebook unveiled the game video and development behind-the-scenes through the Oculus Gaming Showcase in the early morning of the 22nd. The news was revealed in advance through the Resident Evil Showcase on the 16th, and this time it was a place to announce more specific details. The announced content is a short gameplay video, but the video contains a variety of information.

First, the released video seems to focus on reinterpreting the existing’Bio Evil 4’as a VR version. The studio that developed this is an amateur studio, which is a team that showcased a number of games based on emotional storytelling. In particular, as a team that showed talent for games that focus on UI and UX innovation, it is expected that there will be new challenges in’Bio Evil 4’as well.

Photo Source = Oculus Gaming Showcase

According to a Facebook announcement, Capcom and Amateur Studios have been developing’Bio Evil 4 VR’ through a multi-year collaboration process. The core of the development process is to summon old games into virtual reality.
Regarding,’Bio Evil 4’is a work that was released in 2005. As it was unveiled in 16 years, Facebook explained that the old texture was reconstructed and technical supplements were made to suit the virtual reality environment.

As for specific specifications, it is revealed that the current game is being prepared through the same efforts as the re-adjustment of objects so that users can enjoy the game with both hands to suit the virtual reality game, and remastering and upgrading about 45 million textures.

Photo Source = Oculus Gaming Showcase

In fact, it seems that the stages and backgrounds in the game have changed little by little. The scene of fighting while carrying a dagger in one hand and a pistol in the other is also an interesting point. Demonstrated methods of obtaining items after smashing a box with a dagger, and detailed elements such as reinserting it and pulling open the drawer seem to be an effort to realize the characteristics of VR games.

In the same context, the game nature is also changing. In the case of the original, third person shooting (TPS) is the basis, but’Bio Evil 4 VR’ is based on first person shooting (FPS). Here, it has been introduced so that you can choose a method that can be moved through an analog stick and a teleport method.

Photo Source = Oculus Gaming Showcase

The way you use firearms is more of a manual way. Mechanics such as pulling out a magazine directly, attaching it to a firearm, and firing after reloading have been added, and in the same context, many of the in-game interfaces have changed together.

In addition to this, Facebook explained that the 3D sound was introduced and the sound of crows and zombies was more realistically implemented to capture a sense of immersion. ‘Biohazard 4 VR’ is expected to be released at the end of this year.

On the other hand, after the video was released, the project seems to be attracting attention from VR game industry and existing Resident Evil game fans at the same time. Both sides have a common point of evaluating that the currently implemented texture is below expectations. Console game enthusiasts were curious about the operation method and characters of the technology systems that were introduced in the original. VR game enthusiasts seem to be more interested in the zone size and play time. Relatedly, the original’Bio Evil 4’is a game that can be played for 20 hours in 15 hours on average.

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