10 types of Sony’Play at Home’ and’Horizon Zero Dawn’ are provided.

‘Play at Home’, a campaign to prevent the spread of Corona 19 conducted by Sony, has significantly increased the benefits. Previously, while providing free download benefits for’Ratchet & Clank’, Sony announced that a total of 10 additional games will be provided, including’Horizon Zero Dawn,’ one of the exclusive works representing PS4.

Photo = Sony Playstation Official Blog

In this regard, Sony delivered news about the campaign through its PlayStation blog. In addition to providing a total of 9 free games, including PS VR games, this campaign included 10 free game benefits, including Guerilla Games’ masterpiece’Horizon Zero Dawn’.
The 9 games provided are’Les Infinite’,’Apju’,’The Witness’,’Enter the Sound’, and’Subnautica’, along with popular games such as’Moss’ and’Astro Bot’ that support PS VR. : Rescue Mission’,’Paper Beast’,’Sumper’, etc.
The most eye-catching news is the news that includes the benefits of’Horizon Zero Dawn’. The Complete Edition, which includes the extended DLC’Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wild’, is eligible for this benefit. With regard to this, Guerilla Games is preparing a sequel,’Horizon Forbidden West,’ with exclusive PS4 and PS5 works within this year.

On the other hand, the’Play at Home’ campaign will be launched from the 25th (local time), and the’Horizon Zero Dun Complete Edition’ will be distributed from April 19th. You can get benefits regardless of whether you join the PSN or not, and downloaded games can be permanently held.

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